The New Korea Ministry of YWAM Korea

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"New Korea" means a new Korean peninsula created by God as a channel of His blessings to serve Northeast Asia and share the gospel with all nations beyond the unification of South and North.

YWAM Korea devotes to reaching out to North Koreans who don’t hear the gospel, helping them for Jesus to be their Lord and seeing them glorifying God through New Korea Movement. Also, we aim to mobilize countless young people from South and North for world missions by becoming one through New Korea.

There are the ministries and training that YWAM Korea provides:


Global Mission Korea (GMK)

sending missionaries to China, Russia and Mongolia for mission of North Korea

New Korea Mission Center (NKMC)

University of Nations Jeju

Serving Friends International (SFI)

North Korea Business Team

Research Center of East Asia Mission (REM)

North Korea Mission Institution (NKMI)

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Tour Ministry

YWAM Goyang

Field Aid and Support Ministry

YWAM Gwangju

Serving North Korea Ministry

YWAM Suwon

Eagle Ministry New Korea Mission School

YWAM Seoul

Serving North Korea Ministry

YWAM Yongin Urban Ministry

North Korean Refugee Children Support Ministry

YWAM Incheon

Serving North Korea Ministry

YWAM Changwon


New Korea Servant School (NKSS)

New Korea Servant Seminar (NKSS)

New Korea - Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Network Ministries

New Korea Network (NKN)

New Korea Prayer Movement (NKPM)